9 September 2012

A good day!

Today is actually a good day for me! First of all, I finally made myself to write down one pattern that I created somewhere in the end of May, but forgot to write down. This is a little fan motif (#24):
The problem with this motif is that I couldn't find its' pattern, though I always write them down in my notebook before creating a PDF! So, I had to kind a create it again from tatted motif. I hope that it's ok, but if not, please let me know!
Secondly, I have an anniversary: a year of tatting! I started last September. I don't remember the exact date, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that beautiful feeling of being connected to ancient magic!.. Tatting changed my mind. I always did much handmade, but rarely from my own patterns. Tatting gave me enough courage to express my own ideas in needlework, and this is priceless! I created 13 patterns during this year, and all of them are available on my Free Patterns page. Not so bad for beginner, I think! Also tatting let me get to know all of you, my dear readers, who give me so much favor and inspiration! I hope you will be with me!
Several month ago I saw a beautiful pattern, but I couldn't tat it because I didn't know some basic elements. Time passed, and now, for my anniversary, I tatted him: Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold!
And one more thing - this dragon is motif #25! So, I've finished my 25 motifs challenge today! I want to start another one, of course! Let it start from today, a good day for me as tatter!

4 September 2012

New blog for knitting and crocheting!

I did it finally! I started a new blog for my knitting and crocheting! Thus I removed two posts from this blog and moved them there (with slight modifications). I will be glad to see you there!
Blog: http://mariyas-knitting-and-crocheting.blogspot.com/
Page on Ravelry.com (still empty but I'm working on it!): http://www.ravelry.com/people/MariyaDavydova
You are welcome!
And I'll be glad to follow your knitting and crocheting blogs if you give me the links!