25 March 2012


I do not like big projects. That's why last week I designed these pansies (motif #19):
The pattern is available on my pattern page. I've also written the pattern for petaled braids. Please tell me if they are not clear enough!
As you can see on photo, I tested several threads. The left top is Daphne 10, I often use it. The right top is YarnArt Canarias. It's very good! I understood that I want to tat with it as much as I can! The bottom is YarnArt Tulip. This thread is also quite good, although very specific.
Anyway, I understood that I can't tat Lucky Clover doily with "Snezhinka" any more and... Yes, I started it again! The result is:
Can't say that it's ideal. No way. However, after some attempts I made this row to lie calmly. I'm not sure that I will not have troubles with the next row, but we'll see. Anyway, with these threads the whole process is much more pleasant!
I also performed some magic with my first attempt, and it looks and lies better now:
Compare with the previous photo:

If I am so crazy to tat one more Lucky Clover doily I can try to finish this one. However I hope not to be so crazy.
And one more thing. Puzzle doily is Tardis from new Doctor Who logo. I must admit that it is not very recognizable. Maybe next version will be better.

21 March 2012

Puzzle Doily

Last several days were quite busy... I didn't have much time for tatting. However, I finished my doily (motif #18):
I don't tell it's name now, because I want to ask you, my dear readers, what do you think about it? Is it recognizable? What is it?
I tatted a part of Lucky Clover Doily also:
It looks quite well now, but I do not like this threads very much. However, I do not want to start it again.
I've understood that I do not like tatting doilies and any other big projects. In programming things are much easier in this sense - you never make a serious program without lots of intermediate versions, each of which is usable. At least, this is my way of programming. When you tat doily you never know what you will get before you finish. Sometimes you spend dozens of hours and finally - you do not like the result. It is sad. As for me, small motifs, like Hibiscus and Clover, are much more pleasant to tat!

10 March 2012

My current projects

Currently I work on 3 tatting projects. I know that this is not normal, but... Two of the are tat along projects, and one is my next design I absolutely wanted to start tatting as soon I as created it. So, I decided to show you my progress every several days to be sure that I don't forget about any of them.
The first one is Tat Along in Umi & Tsuru blog. I want to tat one square, i.e. 4 leaves and 4 flowers. I haven't done very much yet:
The second one is tat along in one Russian-speaking community. We tat 'Lucky Clover' doily. I can't say that I do want to tat big doilies (as I don't have places to lay them down), but I decided to try this one as this can help me to improve my technique. I was right, I have serious problems with rings. They are much tighter than chains, and sometimes it breaks proportions. Look:
The hole in the middle of the first round must be much bigger! Of course I could continue this doily, it won't look very terrible. But I decided to start a new one and to be more careful with tightness of my rings. I took another thread also ("Snowflake"). This is my humble result:
The third one is my small puzzle doily. I hope that when I finish it it will look familiar to many of you. Does anybody have any ideas about what it is?
Next 7 days I'll be quite busy but I hope to have a little time for tatting...

6 March 2012

Petaled Braids

As promised I'm going to show you the results of some my last experiments. I don't know why but most of the patterns I do pretend to be universal. Simple polygons, simple tiling were such ones... The previous doily might be endless (as you could add as many green and floral rounds as you wish).
Now I present my new idea (new for me, but I'm sure that it is already described somewhere) - petaled tatting. It was already shown in Spring Doily. My last results - Petaled Braids (motif #17):
These are only three examples of the whole huge variety of braids, medallions, etc that you can tat with petals. There are two types of petals - simple rings and split rings. They are organized into flowers that are connected with each other in various ways. I hope to write the pattern for at least these braids soon.
One more thing I wanted to try was to tat letter. I chose the first one of my name for experiments. Here are the results:
The right one was the second one and I liked it much more. I hope that I can tat all the letters of my name in the same manner but I haven't decided yet what to do with them, so I stopped here.
I have so many ideas and so little time! I participate in Tat Along in Umi & Tsuru blog, I want to participate in one more Tat Along in some Russian community, I have designed one more doily that many of you will like, I suppose, I want to tat some other tatters' patterns... Tell me, my dear readers, is it normal? Do you have the same problems with time and tatting?..

3 March 2012

Unsuccessful Spring Doily

Last several days I didn't have much time for tatting, but today was full of it! Today I made some experiments that I'll show a bit later, and yesterday I finished my Spring Doily.
Well, I wanted to design and tat something colorful and bright, with flowers and leaves. I started from this round:
It looked quite well, and I continued with green leaves round:
This shape was strange. The figure should be hexagon (with straight sides instead of these curved ones). However I hoped that next floral round will make it fine. It was a wrong decision. This is what I got:
The green round appeared to be too narrow! I checked my calculations and found out that I made a big, very big mistake. So, I cut out green round from doily:
 And tried another variation:
This one looks better but now these green squares do not want to lie calmly on the table and try to jump and run away! I do not know what the problem is and I decided to stop here. I must admit that I'm tired of this naughty doily. Maybe one day I will try again, but not now.
Anyway I congratulate all of you with the Spring!