3 March 2012

Unsuccessful Spring Doily

Last several days I didn't have much time for tatting, but today was full of it! Today I made some experiments that I'll show a bit later, and yesterday I finished my Spring Doily.
Well, I wanted to design and tat something colorful and bright, with flowers and leaves. I started from this round:
It looked quite well, and I continued with green leaves round:
This shape was strange. The figure should be hexagon (with straight sides instead of these curved ones). However I hoped that next floral round will make it fine. It was a wrong decision. This is what I got:
The green round appeared to be too narrow! I checked my calculations and found out that I made a big, very big mistake. So, I cut out green round from doily:
 And tried another variation:
This one looks better but now these green squares do not want to lie calmly on the table and try to jump and run away! I do not know what the problem is and I decided to stop here. I must admit that I'm tired of this naughty doily. Maybe one day I will try again, but not now.
Anyway I congratulate all of you with the Spring!


  1. I really think you've got something with that first design. You just need to pull the corners of the green round in--perhaps leave out the small set of leaves on either side of the corners? This is going to make your outer round smaller as well. Another possibility would be to work a version of your first green round to form the same kind of Z network as you've done with the motifs in your second effort. Can you tell I really like the look of that first green round?

    1. Thank you for your advise, Eliz! Maybe I will try to tat it again a bit later, but I'm not sure :)

  2. I think both designs are very pretty and unique!!! :)