29 February 2012

Traditional Russian Handicraft

Several days ago it was February, 23. This day is a national holiday in Russia, the Day of the Defender of the Motherland. Unofficially it is known as the Men's day. This day or the day before we congratulate our men and give them presents.
This year my company (JetBrains) organized the day before it (February, 22) in the traditional Russian style. This is the way how the most active women were dressed (I'm left):
We all had a great opportunity to try ourselves in traditional Russian handicraft. Below there are my results (all these things I tried the first time ever in my life):
  • in rod braiding:
  • in birch bark braiding:
  • in pottery:

I am not sure about our men, but I did like that day!


  1. What a wonderful tradition! I would love to learn the birch bark braiding.

    1. I'm agree, these handicrafts are beautiful! Once they were very popular, but now they are mostly history and souvenirs. Braiding is not very difficult itself - but preparing of materials is. Few people still do this.