6 February 2012

Simple Tiling

I did it at last! The first version of tiling from Simple Polygons that is fine (motif #8):
Well, these Simple Polygons are not the same as in my previous post. Here you can see red triangles, green squares and blue hexagons. If you want to tat polygon with N sides, you should tat N connected rings:
R X (picot or join to previous R) 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 (picot or join to next R) X
The question is, what does X equal to? In common case X is about 6 * ctg (pi / N).
  • for N = 3 X is about 4; 
  • for N = 4 X is equal to 6; 
  • for N = 6 X is about 10.
Well, I'm not absolutely sure about these numbers, I must say. I should try to tat such an example with some other thread, not Iris. Iris becomes not fine when you work with big rings. Rose is much better is this sense.
Anyway, the whole idea works! My first polygons were simple and pretty, but not functional, these are simple and functional, but not very pretty. I still believe that I can create some simple, pretty and functional pattern at the same time. Well, we'll see.