21 February 2012

Tat Along

Several days ago I decided to participate in Umi & Tsuru Tat Along. I hoped to finish one fragment in a couple of days and post it but some other ideas came to my mind and I stopped tatting this pattern for a while. Anyway, I have done something.
I started with one flower (motif #14):
I just wanted to tat 4 flowers and 4 leaves and make a square from them. So, I tatted one more pink flower, but it looked very different (and much more accurate, I think)! Well, I liked the second one more and tatted a third flower (red) which somehow appeared to be different from the two previous! Anyway, it was time to tat a leaf (motif #15) and connect it to the ready flowers:
It is quite funny, this pattern. I can easily crochet something that will look just the same as these fragments. Well, anyway, I will finish this pattern a bit later.
My lovely husband likes the ready part:


  1. I was not sure if my earlier comment was captured. Anyway, just wanted to say that it would be fun to see a crocheted version of this pattern.

    1. I will crochet it when finish my current project :)

  2. Very pretty tat-along piece! :)
    What a great husband decoration! :)