10 March 2012

My current projects

Currently I work on 3 tatting projects. I know that this is not normal, but... Two of the are tat along projects, and one is my next design I absolutely wanted to start tatting as soon I as created it. So, I decided to show you my progress every several days to be sure that I don't forget about any of them.
The first one is Tat Along in Umi & Tsuru blog. I want to tat one square, i.e. 4 leaves and 4 flowers. I haven't done very much yet:
The second one is tat along in one Russian-speaking community. We tat 'Lucky Clover' doily. I can't say that I do want to tat big doilies (as I don't have places to lay them down), but I decided to try this one as this can help me to improve my technique. I was right, I have serious problems with rings. They are much tighter than chains, and sometimes it breaks proportions. Look:
The hole in the middle of the first round must be much bigger! Of course I could continue this doily, it won't look very terrible. But I decided to start a new one and to be more careful with tightness of my rings. I took another thread also ("Snowflake"). This is my humble result:
The third one is my small puzzle doily. I hope that when I finish it it will look familiar to many of you. Does anybody have any ideas about what it is?
Next 7 days I'll be quite busy but I hope to have a little time for tatting...

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