21 March 2012

Puzzle Doily

Last several days were quite busy... I didn't have much time for tatting. However, I finished my doily (motif #18):
I don't tell it's name now, because I want to ask you, my dear readers, what do you think about it? Is it recognizable? What is it?
I tatted a part of Lucky Clover Doily also:
It looks quite well now, but I do not like this threads very much. However, I do not want to start it again.
I've understood that I do not like tatting doilies and any other big projects. In programming things are much easier in this sense - you never make a serious program without lots of intermediate versions, each of which is usable. At least, this is my way of programming. When you tat doily you never know what you will get before you finish. Sometimes you spend dozens of hours and finally - you do not like the result. It is sad. As for me, small motifs, like Hibiscus and Clover, are much more pleasant to tat!


  1. I'm stumped by the puzzle doily. Your Lucky Clover doily is looking good. I gave this doily by Blomqvist & Persson a try a number of years ago. I found those center long chains to terribly frustrating. The center required lots of blocking and my efforts at adding round 2 just seemed to emphasize the bowl-shape I started in round 1. I never made it to round 3 and the entire project went in the trash. It is a pleasure to see yours looking so nice, but I don't feel tempted to try it again.

    1. I do not like the first round. The problem is that my rings are tighter than chains. My first attempt was completely unsuccessful. Maybe this will be OK...

  2. Both doilies look very nice!! :)