6 March 2012

Petaled Braids

As promised I'm going to show you the results of some my last experiments. I don't know why but most of the patterns I do pretend to be universal. Simple polygons, simple tiling were such ones... The previous doily might be endless (as you could add as many green and floral rounds as you wish).
Now I present my new idea (new for me, but I'm sure that it is already described somewhere) - petaled tatting. It was already shown in Spring Doily. My last results - Petaled Braids (motif #17):
These are only three examples of the whole huge variety of braids, medallions, etc that you can tat with petals. There are two types of petals - simple rings and split rings. They are organized into flowers that are connected with each other in various ways. I hope to write the pattern for at least these braids soon.
One more thing I wanted to try was to tat letter. I chose the first one of my name for experiments. Here are the results:
The right one was the second one and I liked it much more. I hope that I can tat all the letters of my name in the same manner but I haven't decided yet what to do with them, so I stopped here.
I have so many ideas and so little time! I participate in Tat Along in Umi & Tsuru blog, I want to participate in one more Tat Along in some Russian community, I have designed one more doily that many of you will like, I suppose, I want to tat some other tatters' patterns... Tell me, my dear readers, is it normal? Do you have the same problems with time and tatting?..

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