9 September 2012

A good day!

Today is actually a good day for me! First of all, I finally made myself to write down one pattern that I created somewhere in the end of May, but forgot to write down. This is a little fan motif (#24):
The problem with this motif is that I couldn't find its' pattern, though I always write them down in my notebook before creating a PDF! So, I had to kind a create it again from tatted motif. I hope that it's ok, but if not, please let me know!
Secondly, I have an anniversary: a year of tatting! I started last September. I don't remember the exact date, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that beautiful feeling of being connected to ancient magic!.. Tatting changed my mind. I always did much handmade, but rarely from my own patterns. Tatting gave me enough courage to express my own ideas in needlework, and this is priceless! I created 13 patterns during this year, and all of them are available on my Free Patterns page. Not so bad for beginner, I think! Also tatting let me get to know all of you, my dear readers, who give me so much favor and inspiration! I hope you will be with me!
Several month ago I saw a beautiful pattern, but I couldn't tat it because I didn't know some basic elements. Time passed, and now, for my anniversary, I tatted him: Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold!
And one more thing - this dragon is motif #25! So, I've finished my 25 motifs challenge today! I want to start another one, of course! Let it start from today, a good day for me as tatter!


  1. I saw your fan pattern on intatters, thank you for sharing your lovely pattern and well done on finishing your 25 motif challenge.

  2. Your dragon shows how far you've come in a year - congratulations! The fan is sweet. Thanks for sharing your patterns.

  3. I have been looking for a pattern for a four leaf clover and someone referred me to your blog. I just wanted to thank you for posting the pattern. The mascot for the school where I work is a clover so I will use the pattern often. Thank you!