2 April 2012

My first tatted jewelry!!!

First of all, happy international tatting day!
Last Saturday I did something completely new for me: I designed and tatted earrings! I don't know how to call them but I will think up something a bit later (motif #20):
I didn't have time to write down the descriptions but I certainly will do it soon. It is also the first tatting with beads I've ever done! Except, of course, TIAS goat, but there are only 2 beads there, so... As you can see this earrings consist of two layers. The following flower consists of three layers. They are tatted independently, one after another, and are connected through petals' picots.
I finished the Umi & Tsuru Tat Along at last! I liked tatting these flowers and leaves, until I tried to connect the last leaf. It was terrible! As you can see, the flowers are obviously bigger than they ought to be with such leaves. It was mentioned in Umi & Tsuru blog that there should be 5 rows instead of 6, but till that moment I had already tatted most of flowers and didn't want to retat... Anyway, I think that with a bit smaller flowers this pattern will be really pretty!
And one more thing - my Lucky Clover grows and looks quite well now! And do you see this beautiful shuttle with lizards? I ordered two of these and now learn to tat with them (which is a bit complicated after Aero shuttles).
I hope to write down my new patterns soon. And I'm glad that you like many of my previous ideas!


  1. Your earrings are beautiful--wonderful idea for a design. It is nice to see another Tischband finished. I love those leaves and may use them in other designs. (Thank you, Ruth Scharf.) Your use of color in your Clover Doily gives it an entirely new look--I really like the effect of the outer round. Happy International Tatting Day to you.

  2. Your earrings are gorgeous!

    Happy International Tatting Day!

  3. Great creations!! :)
    Very nice tat a long! :)
    Gorgeous doily!!! :)

  4. Great earrings! Beautiful Tischband leaves!
    Fox : )

  5. I love your style and work is exceptional I really like the yellow flower so cute and fun. all of it is very nice