20 May 2012

I did it at last!

I wrote down patterns of all the things I tatted last several weeks!
Well, I must admit that there were some things that didn't let me write this post.
Firstly I decided to buy an account for World of Warcraft. If you know this game, you don't need more explanations. If not... Well, it is very attractive, believe me!
A couple of week later my husband and I bought bikes. Finally. I never had a bike when I was a child, but now I'm so happy! However, it was like starting from the very end - problems with balance, aching legs, etc... And I can bike quite well now! Except that I still have problems with curbs... However I'm working on it!
Nevertheless today I found time and desire to make photos and prepare descriptions of my patterns (earrings and one more braid, you can find them on the Free Patterns page). So, my earrings:
  • Royal Flower (I've already shown them but now I've chosen the name):
  •  Drop (motif #21):
  •  Wheel (motif #22):
This braid - I've called it Pansy Braid (motif #23) - appeared as a result of playing with shuttles:
This bracelet... Oh, this bracelet! I spent a great amount of time trying to tat spirals:
Well, one day I decided to try to tat spiral. I didn't found anything interesting about it and tried to create some universal (you know, I like universal patterns!) way to do it. I used the Archimedes spiral equation as a base. I was not very successful, I must admit. These spirals are tatted from one end (after the flower) to another (before the next flower), they contain downwards picots and something like Catherine Wheel joins, but kind a upside down. The back side looks not very pretty, and the spirals are not very stable themselves. Maybe, somebody knows more about spirals?


  1. wow lots of fun stuff. I love the spiral idea.

  2. I love the first earrings! The rest looks great too, intruiging spiral experiment.

  3. Very cool! and you will love WOW :) What class did you make? I love my beastmaster hunter and my resto druid. ;) For the Horde!

    1. Oh, I have two main chars now ) Beastmaster hunter, as I like the idea of collecting pets )) and feral druid, as this cat form is so cute!!! I'm afraid I'm a bit ill with WoW ))

  4. Great earrings and bracelet!! :)

  5. The tatted spiral is one of the elements of the artisan phase of the Tatters Across Time proficiency program. It is tricky enough to get the tension just right for a spiral without gaps in a solid color (I have a little bag full of rejects to prove it). Congratulations on working out a method for using two colors! Yes, the CWJ is the one to use. Could we see a closeup of the back? I'm having trouble understanding the mechanics of joining above and below the tatted line in this context.