15 January 2012

Hello, dear reader!

Well, yet another tatting blog, you can say. Actually, you are quite right. Here I want to show you my tatting and maybe some other handmade.
I have one handmade blog already - http://handmade-notes.blogspot.com/. Why not just to write all in it? Well, first of all, it is in Russian, and I do not want to translate all that posts into English. Secondly, it is mostly archive of my previous works rather than story about current ones. And finally, I want to share some my needlework ideas with people all over the world, not only with Russian-speakers.
Some facts about me:
  • My name is Mariya (what a surprise, yeah?..)
  • I live in Russia (in St Petersburg now)
  • I'm a programmer (what leads to strange ideas about needlework and programming and their interconnection)
  • I started to knit when I was 6 (that is, I have been knitting for 16 years)
  • I started to tat much later (several months ago, actually)
Well, I think it's enough for starting post.

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