19 January 2012

Paw Print

Several days ago I was searching the net for tatting patterns and found this wonderful blog: 25 motif challenge. The idea is pretty funny - everyone can participate in this challenge. The person should tat 25 different motifs during 1 year. Every several days the progress of all participants is posted.
After reading several posts there I understood how cool the idea is! I found so many beautiful motifs! Some of them I'm ready to tat as soon as possible. And - I want to participate in this challenge too!
Here is motif #1:
It is Nancy Tracy's Tatted Paw Print (you can find the pattern on www.be-stitched.com). For this pattern and all the previous ones I used Iris thread - it's thick enough for the very beginner - like me.
So, this is the start of my challenge. The beginning date for me is January, 10 - the day when I decided to start. So, let's see if I will pass this challenge!

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