19 January 2012

TIAS - days 1 to 3

Just the same time when I found 25 motif challenge I also found a tatting game TIAS - Tat It And See. For my great luck it had just started, so I could participate. It's blog is Tatting patterns with the added 'fun' factor . The game organizer is Jane Eborall - an excellent tatter who has also a tatting blog Tatting and Not a Lot Else and website - Tatting Patterns by Jane Eborall. I have never met so many beautiful patterns and useful techniques in one place, and all of them are presented with such clear and understandable diagrams! Jane has done and continues to do the great work for other tatters all over the world!
Well, TIAS is a part of this work. Every several days Jane posts a little part of one big pattern, and nobody knows what it is. Three days are done, the day 4 is coming soon. My result is:
Not very accurate, yeah? Anyway, I've got so much fun! The day 1 was quite easy, and Jane showed how to hide threads ends at the very beginning of tatting. The day 2 was also easy, I did it at work without any problems. But the day 3...
There were two new elements - SCMR (Self Closing Mock Ring) and false picot. Well, I've found there descriptions, understood the idea... But - in Jane's instructions there were several SS - Switch Shuttles. And somehow I decided that it's the same as Shoelace Trick. No way! In Shoelace Trick you make a knot to change a position of the working shuttle. In SS you just leave working shuttle and use another one as working! No knots! With Jane's help I finally understood what to do. Thank you for your patience, Jane! Now I'm waiting for the day 4!


  1. Your tatting looks very good! :)
    You have done some really nice motifs! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to make it better :) Fortunately I have so many great examples in TIAS and 25-Motif Challenge - there are no limits for perfection!

  2. Welcome to the 25-Motif Challenge - AND to tatting - which you started to do only a few months ago!

    I am SO IMPRESSED with ALL of your tatting projects after only a few months! I didn't learn to tat until I was 45, even though I had access to shuttles and thread since I was a young girl. I am a self-taught knitter and crocheter from age 12, but for 30 years I could never understand the tatting instructions in the few magazines or pamphlets that I had access to. Then someone finally showed me how to tat in 1989! Although I was aware of macrame, I never tried it, so I didn't realize how tatting is related to macrame. And it was several years after learning to tat that I became aware of concepts like split rings and split chains or Celtic tatting!

    Of course, the internet has enabled all of us to finally communicate with tatters around the world and share our projects, patterns and ideas; and even to learn to tat from videos!

    I'm also VERY impressed by your ability to write PERFECT English! You clearly summarized the TIAS and the 25-Motif Challenge!

    I very much look forward to seeing your future tatting endeavors!

    1. Oh, Kathy, thank you for your kind words!
      English is very important for the programmer, as all the recent articles and tutorials are not translated into Russian. So I study it hard. And now it's also useful for me as a tatter!

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    1. However everything I wrote about you is God's truth, Jane! ;)